He told me he loved me. Finally…

I have become accustomed to expressing verbally that I love people over the last many years. Few are comfortable with this. Even so with their closest family and friends. Some folks don’t grasp the nature of the word or even how the Greeks broke the word “love” into many different specific meanings.

Here are the basics:
-Storge – empathy bond.
-Philia – friend bond.
-Eros – romantic love.
-Agape – unconditional “God” love.

So when I tell a person I may not know well that I love them, it is meant primarily in either Storge or Philia love. Obviously not Eros love as I feel for my wife.

I have often told a friend of mine that I love him, and he’s never offered it in reciprocity. I’m not upset by this, but given his position, education, and Biblical depth, I always found it odd that he didn’t give those words back in the spirit they were offered. I read in a Book once that I am to love God with all my heart and love my neighbor as myself. I wonder if the word “love” was incorrectly substituted for “like” or maybe “honor” in the Book I was reading. Do you think it was a mistake? Considering I capitalized the word “Book” you should have a strong indication of what I’m referring to. And if there is any doubt, NO, the word “love” was no mistake.

Not too many days ago my buddy DID tell me he loved me for the first time. Yes, as you can imagine, there were smiles and even a guffaw associated with it. Will I say it to him just to see if he’ll respond in kind? Yeah, LOL, I might do that a bit just to be playful, but I also don’t want to cheapen what expressing the three words “I Love You” actually mean. May those words never be offered flippantly.

I’ve been flying pretty high over that ‘enhancement’ in our relationship and simply wanted to share. Who knows, maybe he’ll read this and get a chuckle. If so, my friend, know that I love you. As complex as I am and as I manage to make things, I seek to love you properly. No more, no less. May we all do what God commands of us and love Him and one another.

Be salt and light my friends. I’m trying.

3 thoughts on “He told me he loved me. Finally…

  1. Well, in all the years I have known you I have never heard those words from you. Should I be all offended & stuff ??? Lol.
    Well I am not offended at all since you telling another man that you love him is a monumental step coming from someone that used to be completely opposed to giving another man a hug ( maybe that was just the germaphobe in you ).

    I enjoy reading these posts, as with all things you do you have gone all in with fervor, passion & an obsession to know/learn more.

    Anyways I love you brother.

    1. I hadn’t considered that. We’re all different than we were as pups, though… And for the record, I love you too my friend and brother. May there be no obstacle among us.

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