Antinomianism and the Fall of Western Culture…

Most people don’t know what “antinomianism” means or how to define it. With no small irony, we appear to be eyeball deep within it at every directional glance. There are a few variations of the definition of antinomianism, but this is thorough and illustrates well what I would like for you to grasp:

Antinomianism (Ancient Greek: ἀντί, “against” and νόμος, “law”) is any view which rejects laws or legalism and argues against moral, religious or social norms (Latin: mores), or is at least considered to do so. The term has both religious and secular meanings.

Now, before we get started the Christians among us understand rightly, or are supposed to, that this whole thing ends poorly – and it is supposed to. The idea that we can all overcome our sins and build this world into some sort of Candyland-esque utopia is just plain silly. We know we live in a fallen world. We killed Jesus. Culture doesn’t improve from there. But, we’re also commanded to love and despite the second coming, we’re given life in which to live and make every effort to enrich the lives of others through the sharing of the Gospel. This “good news” is discipleship. …And that wasn’t a request from God. We were told to go forth and do so.

So, we know ultimately this isn’t going to go well. At least the physical and emotional portions of life on this Earth won’t anyway. We have the afterlife to look forward to of course. Don’t let me overshadow that with the trials and tribulations of the flawed experiences we have here on this Earth. But, I’m hearing “bring on the rapture” more often than I’m used to when among my church family. I wondered if it was just them or me feeling this way, but as I looked around I realized, this place is pretty messed up and getting worse all the time. I’m watching chaos rise and evil triumph.

A few of my friends consider my thoughts as those of a genuine defeatist’s attitude. Not the case at all, really. I’m training up and training my kids up to be properly equipped for a world that is highly likely to be tougher on them than it has been to me and my wife. That’s my job as a parent. If I had absorbed a defeatist ideology, I’d toss my hands up in the air and say, “the heck with it, nothing matters so why fight it?” That Darwinist approach is the cowardly path and I’m not living a fairy tale.

The mention of Darwinism should have you thinking though. Should you inhabit a realm comprised of Darwinism actively practiced, the only thing of true value to you would be your own enhancement and by extension that of your bloodline. That’s a selfish and unloving way to live. Eventually, if you weren’t happy, and I’m not sure how you ever could be, it wouldn’t be a stretch for you to conclude nothing really matters. Darwinism might explain a handful of things in the wild, but it never truly describes how we actually live and treat one another. For if it did, we’d all be guilty of group altruism as the only explanation of kindness to others while under the Darwinist grasp. …And that isn’t what we do, is it? However, an important underpinning must be realized. The idea that nothing matters, whether from a Darwinist perspective or the sense of abandonment and drift our culture is falling victim within appears to be increasing exponentially.

We live in a time when a Republican State House and Senate can pass legislation to be considered by the Republican Governor. And moments after that same Governor signs that legislation into law, codifying it for the public, a Democrat Attorney General issues a statement through the media that, “It is my opinion this law doesn’t have to be followed, and this is why…” How many times have we heard that? Don’t kid yourself either. Republicans do it as well. I remember when the State of Colorado went flying off the rails on gun control and enacted bans on magazines, etc. The vast majority of the County Sheriffs came right out and said, “We will not enforce these laws in our Counties…”

You’ve got people PAID to construct, interpret, follow, and enforce the laws that simply don’t do what they don’t want to do. And don’t for a moment think this is limited to the overabundance of man’s law. How about God’s law? Does a woman have a “right” to abortion? If you can explain to me how abortion isn’t murder by choice, I’d like to understand it. After all, we know this is a human genome. It isn’t the DNA of a grain of rice we’re talking about. The baby is obviously alive because you’re stopping it from becoming. Had we not stopped the life from continuing, in the number of years of your current age, this baby would likely look something like you or I and do the things men and women do. …And if you can find a more innocent creature than an unborn baby I’m unsure what it would be. So, through the act of abortion, we’re stopping the life of an innocent unborn human being. That’s murder, and God has a commandment set aside specifically for that. Does He not?

I bring you this far to ask you a question. Each of us inherits the story surrounding our tiny sliver of the world. That’s a true statement for me to make. If you grow up in sub-Saharan Africa, you inhabit a pagan story. If you grow up in Israel you inherit a Jewish story. If you grow up in western culture you inherit a Judeo-Christian story. If you grow up in America, you inherit television. Ok, that was over the top, LOL, but probably true. My question to you is this… When your story becomes littered with people on every level showing you the laws are no longer binding, and they don’t intend to follow the ones they don’t like, what positives stem from this?

Can you live in a world of lawlessness? There are too few people cognizant of this breakdown I’m describing. They are touched and impacted by all of these actions. Do not, for one minute, think otherwise. We may not be able to put our finger on it easily, but this chaos and discord are being sewn into the fabric of the story we inhabit. Reimagine your life to this moment without the freedom that laws provide. Had there been no laws to govern and guide culture, do you think you’d be better or worse at this moment? …And naturally, as the adherence to law decays moving forward, will our world improve?

We should be teaching the law, specifically God’s laws, and training on self-reliance. Without those, at a minimum, we’re in serious trouble. I pray you all work diligently at Salt and Light.

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