I sat in the back row for Good Friday Services…

…And you guessed it.  I didn’t like it one bit.  My wife was ‘on call’ that weekend and since we were traveling to family on Easter Sunday, we wanted to catch a Good Friday service.  We went to Cornerstone Bible Fellowship and the mood was somber and dark.  The crucifixion was no party, so it was fitting the service mirrored this.  Well, it wasn’t a party for Jesus or some that followed him.  In reality it was a party for the plenty others.  The time then was one thing, but our reflection now is different on the event.  But I digress…

I literally sat in the back with my wife and daughter and son.  My son is 2yrs old and doesn’t enjoy being contained at that time of day.  Pastor Steve snagged him though and placed him with his some of his dozen or so kids and that worked out.  While it was necessary for us to be in the back where nobody would be disrupted by my bride taking care of work responsiblities, it was hard to be way back in the nose bleed section.

I was distracted by the people between me and Pastor Steve.  There were quite a few by the way.  It wasn’t their fault at all.  I’ve just grown used to being able to see the veins pop out of Pastor Steve’s forehead when he gets on a roll.  I wandered off a couple times and was darned sorry I did.  That never happens when I’m up front.

So…  It was appropriate we set in the back the other day.  This won’t be a regular occurrence.

There you go.  Short and sweet.  The back row no longer suits me.  Front row for me…  When you can’t see your Pastor’s pupil’s dilate you’re too far from him in my opinion.


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