They Say Prayer is Good…

In fact, that was the central focus of my most recent Sunday School class. I offered a lesson surrounding Satan, how he gets a toe in the door, and sin crescendos from there. I then offered the antidote to sin, which begins with prayer, and plenty of it.

Yet, here I am. Frustrated to my very last nerve, anxious, mad at myself, hurt, dejected, deflected, downtrodden, with a heaping portion of inadequacy to boot. I’m going to need to take my own lesson to heart. For there are times, such as this, that I’m truly questioning my call or ability to be any kind of teacher – Sunday school, homeschool, or leader/mentor in any fashion.

I don’t have enough time in the day to note for you all the things swirling around in my head. But I DO know, that what I had ought to do is turn to God and confess my wickedness, and appeal to Him to offer both patience and understanding. For I could sorely benefit from both.

When I part from each blog, I make the prayerful request that you all be both salt and light. Today? For me anyway? I’d settle for just the victory of making it to the end of the day without really destroying something. But… Salt and light will be my goal, nonetheless. I owe it to Him to make every effort, as hard as that may be for me today. Others have had it much worse than I, and they were both salt and light while doing it.

What’s my excuse then?

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