For those of you who haven’t volunteered at Church yet…

You should.

My blog from the day before regarding a fantastic learning technique was a small part of a larger story. It might benefit others for me to share this with you all.

I mentioned that I hadn’t taught anything Biblical in a formal setting prior to this year’s Adult Sunday School at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, which is the small independent Church my family has attended for the past 7 years. The short version for the purposes of the background is this… Our Pastor asked the congregation for Sunday School volunteers. I was going to volunteer for something I assumed would be low impact like “kids teacher” but instead found the Adult Sunday School the only class left without a primary teacher. Oddly, I was the only person left in the room who hadn’t committed to an area of study. So, thank you, Lord, for illuminating my path. LOL!!! \

I truly do thank Him. While the path was quite clear as witnessed by a single unfilled need and me being the only person left without an assignment, it was also a nudge. The more I thought about it, the more I dug into the idea of what teaching this class would actually do for me and others. I knew it would be a challenge, but I enjoy a challenge. In order for me to offer a compelling and quality class, I’d need to be in the Word heavily. This need proved to be very good for me, as I AM in the Word. Daily.

Because I’m in the Word, it becomes apparent to others. The way I speak has changed. The references I make are often Biblical rather than those tied to current events or pop culture. I find myself starting or including Biblical precepts of discussion among friends, family, and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. And, very importantly, I’m putting my best foot forward for my children to witness.

If you and I have expectations on what our sons will glean from us as parents, aren’t we obligated to give them examples as Dads on how to behave? Can we possibly show our daughters any amalgam whatsoever of what they’re supposed to be looking for in a soul mate, if we aren’t making efforts to carry ourselves in Christ-like ways? Teaching and preparing for this class have been fantastic for my biblical depth and certainly have had a positive impact on the lives of those in my family. The impact to those around me is harder to quantify without sounding braggadocious, but overall I think it has been well received.

I can quantify for you the impact. I caught a glimpse of my son with a Bible standing up at the platform in front of the pulpit after our recent church service. He was mimicking me as he was playing. The little man instructed folks to take out their Bibles and turn to a certain chapter. He’s in 1st grade. When your children’s play activity reflects the real-life you and others around him have shown him, that’s an influence we mutually agree is good. Good as defined by Him, not us.

In case you’re scared, don’t be. A lot of people remain seated when we’re called to stand for things like this. It becomes easy to let life, and any number of seemingly reasonable excuses, get in the way. But the truth is, the Lord never said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, unless you’re shy, or not a skilled orator, or don’t want to put in the time, or the activity isn’t convenient for you, or….” I only remember reading the RED part…

Do you know the interesting thing about God? He never asks you to lie for Him under any circumstances, nor are we supposed to. He grants us all the ability to reach people’s hearts and minds if only we’d try. I implore you to summon the courage to participate in things like this. God isn’t asking you to be perfect, only His Son was. He is commanding you to explain that core concept to others. You’re likely to be shocked at what illumination you can bring to others, but only if you try.

I pray you be both salt and light my friends.

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