Are you meek?

Somewhere I read a line about “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth.” You may have run across that in your travels. I can’t remember for sure where I read it. #rollingeyes 😉

When I read that in Matthew 5, and each time I remember hearing it, I found myself not quite understanding what it meant to be meek in biblical context. For the longest time I managed to construe two words, “meager” and “weak” into meek. I, somehow, and foolishly, took that definition and applied it to meek in Matthew 5:5.

But here’s the truth. I was jolted the other day while listening to a lecture from one of my favorites, Dr John Patrick, in which he mentioned how great it is to be meek. He described meekness as a battle steady and well trained horse – the kind of firm and resolute worker that is ready to sent into unrest all while never wavering. Wow… That’s a far cry from weak or meager. I loved that revelation, so I sought context.

Think about this for a minute. Jesus was teaching a group of villagers in a time and place where Emperors and soldiers are wielding tremendous power. They inhabit a culture where the perception of power dominates all modes of thought and courses of action. …And if you’re a villager, you’re fresh out of power. And Jesus suggests we’re on par, if not above these people?

I watched a YouTube video where it was expressed that Jesus was offering the common man another approach. Jesus was shoring up the idea that when you maintain strength under control, that you can be happy and live a life that transcends the power of even Caesar.

How great would it be for us all to wake each morning and pray to Him that we remain meek, and ask the Lord to ride us all into battle, like that steady and well trained horse? That’s my wish and that’s my prayer.

This horse, “Said” cut the earth on our family farm for years. We just got back from spending some Christmas time there. I played in that barn as a child and I’ve often stood in that same spot where you see my family and his meek work horse. Now when I think of “meek” I think of this picture and it becomes very personal for me. Lord, I wish to be meek. Use me for your glorification.

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