Abortion is as Holocaust does…

I had a person extol the virtues of abortion to me a short time ago while showing tremendous aberration towards the holocaust. I’ll admit freely I tricked them deliberately by asking them their opinion on the holocaust, since our initial discussion surrounded that of abortion.
When you think about it, they’re quite the same.
The Nazis selectively chose who would live (temporarily) and who would die. The victim’s voices were not represented in the decision making process. The medical profession (the nazi doctors) were the catalyst for the deaths. A common misconception was the war machine at work, when the reality was of stark contrast. No. The doctors built and guided the program, including the designs for the efficiency of the killing techniques, right down to standing on the rail platforms to inspect each person at a glance to decide who would go directly to the death chambers, who would work first before the inevitable death chamber, and who would be used as science projects for the purposes of medical advancement and profit, all as the millions of human beings deemed unworthy of life were delivered for another’s “choice” as it were. The guise of ‘medicine’ was employed as a method to accomplish the task.
There was no value conferred or present with LIFE as defined by a 3rd party.
Fast forward to today. We have the “choice” to murder, selectively. It’s called abortion. Apply the nazi doctor’s model to modern abortion now that you know a little more. The victim’s voices are not represented in the decision making process. Abortion clinics murder for medical advancement and sell baby parts for profit. The guise of ‘medicine’ is employed as a method to accomplish the task.
There is no value conferred or present with LIFE as defined by a 3rd party, and certainly not as defined by Him.
If you believe the holocaust was awful, the only rational congruency you can adopt is that abortion is awful as well. For you should know that there is inherent value in human LIFE, not that of a qualitative scale, or some song and dance about a “choice…” That is simply the argument of the weak who haven’t yet fully considered what they’re saying, but are compelled to yap.
My discussion partner, conceded that I had made a great argument and it was largely irrefutable. She followed by saying, “I’m still pro-choice” to which I corrected her, “You mean to say, pro-murder.”
She smiled. I died a little inside.

Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.

Be salt and seek light my brothers and sisters.  Please.

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