49 Years of Roe v Wade…

And we still haven’t asked ourselves some of the most basic questions necessary to TRULY understand the undistributed middle of this problem.

This blog will be short and sweet. Yes, this is a Christian blog. And I always seek to offer either scripture and/or a Biblical basis for the thoughts I’m offering you as readers. Today I’m going to depart from that directly, and instead approach this indirectly in terms of core Biblical literacy.

What I want you to consider and understand is this: The practice of medicine is, at its heart, not a scientific activity, but a moral activity.

When you find yourself in any doctor’s office for any reason, you’re going to hear at some point his or her suggestion on what you should do. There are no mandatory treatments ultimately – the choice is yours. Whether this is a flu shot recommendation or the decision to replace a heart valve, the option is truly yours to decipher. What this means, in no uncertain terms, is the doctor is telling you what he or she thinks YOU ought to do. The doctor becomes a consultant of your life choices in this realm. This is the plain and simple truth of the matter. No reasonable or logical person can deny this. In the doctor’s office, we’re visiting a consultant who practices medicine with a scientifict method but always imports their morality into the opinion of whether or not you and I should do something.

The medicine or procedure part of this equation is somewhat scientific. But the recommendation that precedes is concretely bound to one’s morals and backed in their ethics. Once we grasp that all practice of medicine, which includes abortion, is fruit from a moral tree, we ask ourselves the next logical question. Is an abortive remedy to pregnancy a moral recommendation?

That is the question you need to ask yourselves. Don’t confuse the issue with mothers, unborn babies, a fetus, growing up impoverished, disabled or afflicted babies, etc. That’s projection and it is subjective. Avoid the temptation to do that for now. Rather, simply ask yourself if the recommendation from a doctor to abort (stop) life is actually moral or immoral.

Had we ‘ought’ to stop life, or not? (Bonus question – where do ‘ought’ statements originate?)


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