Cecily is strong…

But I believe as strong as she is, there is tremendous pain that has consumed her, and may yet be consuming her. I don’t know how it can’t have permeated her very being.

In case you don’t know the story here, I’ll share as best I can. Apparently, this lady had an abortion some time ago and simultaneously made it public while performing a live skit for Saturday Night Live.

I don’t know if I could muster the guts to perform live for a nationwide audience. That’s a pretty heavy lift for anyone. I admire her courage and strength. Even with her last name actually being “Strong” she is just that – strong. But, I question if the strength she’s showing isn’t masking many other things, most of which are very emotional and soulful considerations.

Here is the sketch for reference:

I need to preface this properly to avoid any ideas of insensitivity. I don’t wish, in any way, to add to the problems each woman carries having aborted her child. That would be ugly and disgusting, and I’m working very hard not to be flippant or presumptive about abortion itself. I’m not a woman. I wouldn’t disrespect any woman by implying I could understand in some way what an abortion means to them. For I cannot. But, I can love, in earnest, and in all four of the Greek descriptions of love.

Cecily Strong admits on live television that she had an abortion the day before her birthday. Think about that. She admits what no person wishes to admit – she killed someone. …And that someone was her own child. You can argue all you want about an abortive remedy not being a person, but you’re kidding yourself. If left to grow, this human genomed being, would grow to look and behave something like you and I, given the number of years we have had. So, let’s not play the “it is just a bunch of cells” game. It isn’t the genomic data associated with a grain or rice or a house cat. The genome is that of a human being. Be honest.

When you stop that life from becoming, you’re stopping a human life. Another word for this, rather than “abort” is to kill. Whether that offends you or not, is your problem. Offensive to you or not, “kill” is an appropriate word choice. Following through on an abortive remedy for pregnancy is the killing of one’s child.

Now… To the part that I can’t be sure of, but suspect. Cecily is offering a cry for help. She may or may not be cognizant of this, but it is “out there” now regardless. Having spoken with mothers who aborted their children, most can’t even tell you the year they had a tooth pulled, but nearly all can offer you in vivid detail the events and specifics surrounding the day they killed their children. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

Cecily offers a tied date to the abortion – her 23rd birthday. She gives this information freely as the day before her birthday, with no small irony, to the world to consumption and digestion. I would not be surprised to learn she’s had a really tough time with periods of sobbing, gut-wrenching thoughts, and plenty of suffering. There is also the possibility she’s never given it much thought. But, if that were true, we wouldn’t have heard from her about it. If the abortion of your child was meaningless, why address the world with it on one of the very largest and last live television broadcasts available?

I can’t be in her mind, nor should I be. But I can posit to you all one irrefutable and immutable truth – she, as do you and me, need the Lord in her life. I see this from a Christian perspective and I feel pain for her and her child. When I witness what I watched on that skit, I don’t see strength. I think of sorrow – I feel suffering. The last time I felt this much anguish for someone I didn’t know, I was watching people fall from the skies who had clung to departing aircraft from Afghanistan. I’ll never forget my thoughts from then and those images are burned into my psyche. True in form is my response to the SNL skit.

Some saw a brave woman tackling a radioactive subject. I saw a frightened woman reaching out for forgiveness, even though she may know what she was begging for…

And don’t forget the parting slogan regarding abortion… “It’s gonna happen, so it should be safe, legal, and accessible.” Furthermore, “We will not go back to the alley. I mean, the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of dead clowns [women] in a dark alley.” The undistributed middle is omitted and the extremes are forced in your face to affirm. That should terrify you. Instead of questioning why abortion has to happen, abortion becomes assumed. Then the premise, albeit false, is laid down that if abortions aren’t “safe, legal, and accessible” women will die bleeding to death in alleys. Are those assumptions true?

That’s like saying, “If you don’t euthanize the elderly, they’ll die in agony and pain.” Think about that. Those phrases are strung together as if they were true or logical, but they aren’t. Not every old person needs to be euthanized. Not every old person dies in agonizing pain. But when you stitch together a notion that offers you only their way or a horrible option, people tend to gravitate towards their way… There is a TON in between being euthanized and dying in agony – the undistributed middle matters and usually contains more truth than the extremes.

Simply change the words being used by Cecily if you want the full impact of how horrible it truly is. “Murder is gonna happen, so it should be safe, legal, and accessible.” …And how does that sound to you?

Yes, my “BS” detector went off during her skit. That is important, as we need to decipher, discern, and judge properly what is said. Yes, I said ‘judge’ and if you can’t make it past that, read “Well, I don’t judge” from my blog for context. But here is the thing, and there is no way through, around, or beyond it… I am hurting for Cecily, big time. I feel absolutely horrific for her and her child. I’m praying the Lord speaks to her in such a fashion she can hear. I question if the same people elevating her on Twitter will be there beside her when she’s swallowed a bottle of pills and is found on her bathroom floor. Do they really love her in the sense they should? Join me in praying for her and all those like her when forced to make decisions that aren’t planned or wished.

As upset as I am over the murdering of the unborn, I am commanded to love Cecily and I will. That might be pretty hard for some of you to reconcile, but that is the mandate.

Cecily Strong needs Him. As do I. Just as you. I pray she finds Him. …All as we do our very best to be both, salt and light.

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