2 thoughts on “Sometimes God’s Plan for our Lives…

  1. Agreed; never more so than when we are blindsided by a loss. In those times, it is Job I look to. ALL in God’s plan; ALL in God’s time. ALL for His glory.

    And sometimes, that is VERY hard to remember.

  2. I agree, Craig. I often find myself praying for different outcomes than I’m witnessing or seeing on the horizon. While I don’t think that’s a particularly bad thing, I should also pray for acceptance on my part. If and when something doesn’t go to my preference or liking, I need to accept it and move forward. My embrace of the things outside my control, means I have to give up some ground to the unknown on some level and instead grasp His method is often hidden from me.

    Even though I’m well aware of this immutable irrefutable fact, I’m just not very good at it most days.

    I’m reminded continually of “Credo ut intelligam” which means “I believe so I may understand.” That usually slaps me in the face with subjects like this.


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