COVID vs Abortion

I spent a few minutes tonight pouring over some numbers.  If you want to have some fun and read a few statistics, you need to carefully accept them in context…  But go take a look at the COVID numbers for places like the USA with a pop of 331M folks.  Then compare things like the pop of India with 1.386T people and China with 1.439T people.  Pretty differing set of results in terms of cases, deaths, etc.

One thing you should take careful notice of though, that I don’t hear many talking about, in fact none, are the total tests…  Take a long hard consideration of what it means for the USA to have offered 250M tests…  Think on that.

Start hitting the ranking categories and it’ll sort them by category for you.  Pretty wild.  It would be a safe thing to say ALL our numbers will elevate because no nation on earth with a population near ours is testing a 10th as many people.  Most are far lower than that.  So yeah, our numbers are high compared to others, but only because we’ve almost tested the whole country by now.  The numbers for other countries would reach the moon too if they tested as often as we do.  …And if they didn’t classify motorcycle crashes, gunshot victims, and terminal cancer patients in hospice as COVID deaths…

Now… It should be mentioned that I’m not a statistician.  However, I can extrapolate some conclusions that aren’t presuppositional.  After all, this is truly about the comparison.  And when you cook the books and don’t offer the context, you actually deceive.

I’m wavering back and forth on whether this is deliberate by certain people or not.  But I can assure you of one irrefutable truth – When you look at the number of deaths WORLDWIDE from COVID for this year and see a number reported at 1.8M, that’s staggering.  However, when you look at the number of abortions WORLDWIDE this year from abortions and see the number at 42M, you gain some perspective and vital context.

See for yourself: 

Do you ever wonder if God is disappointed more in us over the murdering of 42,000,000+ children this year, or that we didn’t care to notice it?

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