Anyone have a golden image I could worship?

Yes, I’m on a bit of a rant. No, I don’t make this is a habit.

I’ve been silent in terms of my Christian blog throughout the COVID19 scare. I understand virology, herd immunization, and the topics that surround a virus outbreak such as this. I also understand just how damaging a poor grasp of the flawed model we used to project and predict the outcomes of this ‘pandemic’ can be.

…And not just in lives lost. We have been tested in many ways. It will take me quite some time to think through and formulate quantifiable and defend-able opinions on the many tests to which we’ve been subjected.

It appears as if every time I turn around there are common sense practices we’re either adhering to or implementing to my left, and in stark contrast, we’ve lost our minds over to the right of me. Here’s an example. I can’t go to church because I’ll be to close to someone. But the grocery store and department store parking lots are full. How do you balance that equation?

image courtesy of @occupycorruptDC

If this was some sort of test from God, I failed. So did you. I submit to you, *if* you apply Daniel 3 here, we just took a look at the fiery furnace, said to ourselves, “That looks pretty warm,” and asked for door #2 instead. I wrote about how inspired I was by this bit of scripture in the “But if not…” blog post 2 1/2 years back. I still think that is one of my favorites, so check it out if you haven’t.

I can’t help but feel as if the King has rolled up and said, “No you can’t worship and gather to do so,” and I said, “Okay, I’ll just worship this chunk of gold instead…” I concede to you all, that isn’t a truly fair comparison. That parallel is very flawed, and I’m obligated to offer you that truth. However, the propensity I’ve witnessed among us, even my own church family, to ask for extra permissions and clarity after church gathering bans were lifted, has me reeling…

Why are we asking for all kinds of clarity, and seeking the opinion of all kinds of political hacks when the governor already rescinded her proclamation? Maybe I shouldn’t have placed so much stock in the governor’s proclamation in the first place. Besides, how many people were arrested for worshiping the Lord under the roof of their primary structure? I’m not aware of any…

Yes, I’m irritated with how some of these things have been handled by our leaders. Both political and that of the church. I’m tired of asking permission to worship in a traditional and familiar fashion. Yes, we did ok during that hiatus, but now that we can resume while employing safe practices, let’s get this show on the road and quit begging the king to put his boot on our necks…

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