In the context of an average Christian, what does the word “walk” mean to you?  It ought to be your practices, your application, the means in which you carry yourself as you glorify Him.

How is your walk?  Have you ever run across something that inspired you to question your walk.  Better yet, have you stumbled into a ‘thing’ that made you want to take yours to the next level?  How crazy would it be if it were a song that seemed to click for you?

Here’s what a quick reflection of my lifetime walk looks like:

God in the Heavens tells me to Glorify Him and that’s my reason for living.  He sends word through people and stories compiled in the Good Book.  The message is for everyone.  I listen and make mistakes, take detours, get my path corrected, and restart.  I share with others.  I find myself getting off course, but resume with renewed focus and energy, learning each time and trending more productive than prior.  I improve.  I build tremendous things occasionally, only to learn they were hollow or more appropriately, insignificant – and that’s ok because seeking light and craving biblical knowledge counter what would ordinarily be a disappointment when the truth is revealed.  My mistakes strengthen me rather than weaken me.  Satan stalks me, but I ignore him all the while.  I know I’m in the right place with the right people.  The love and life is worth the cost.  I can live on elsewhere.  When my times comes I’ll be ready.

I was listening to the Foo Fighters the other day and this song fit like the last puzzle piece in my head.  I had been considering my walk, with intensity, for a number of hours.  It hit me like a ton of bricks…  I listened to it over and over singing along with it.  It isn’t in my normal range, but I sand down an octave and did my best “shower version” of it…  EVERY morsel of my walk can be found in these lyrics.  Save none…  I loved it.

I have no idea what David (Foo Fighters founder and lead David Grohl) intended when he wrote this song.  I’m not even that interested in finding out.  It worked brilliantly for me at the moment it mattered most.  As a musician I think he’d prefer I made my take away in lieu of his.  Especially since it inspires.

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Be salt and seek light my friends.  I pray you love it as I do…

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