Be Somebody’s Anyone!

I usually don’t find myself getting all sappy and emotional in public. Do I?

Who am I kidding?

I find no problem with sharing my thoughts and feelings with just about anyone. I won’t be ashamed for sharing what He gave me. Empathy, sympathy, and communication skills in order to convey sentiment and caring.

I occasionally pop through YouTube to listen to Allie Sherlock. She’s a young busker from Ireland with a load of talent. If you don’t know what “busking” is, go sing in public for donations and circulation and you’re busking. I don’t even remember how I happened across her, but it was most likely a search of covers of other songs I liked that landed me on her channel.

She’s got a future singing if she elects, so I’ll pray for her and those around her. I noticed her singing a Demi Lovato tune, “Anyone” recently and I stopped to listen to it several times. I think the nature of the song really hit me. There’s an explanation contained within of all mistakes and attempts of a person to connect. For me, the context of the song was truly that simple – we need a connection, especially at low times in life. The song itself is pretty busy with thoughts and intersections, but the overall theme, if you will, was the deep desire for a connection.

Listen to this. …Maybe a couple of times and let it sink in:

Don’t we often crave some sort of kindred spirit? Or even at some of the low times in our lives ONE friend or intermediary that reminds us we’re loved? It can be easy to lose sight of Him, and I’m guilty of having done it. But, I had help to love and understand, and built a foundation of Christ in my heart and mind. Which really begs the question, who do you know that needs that connection to Him? Are you being a conduit for Christ? Are you being somebody’s ANYONE? Can you be?

People identifying with this song are plentiful. Strangers you don’t know are longing for the human conjunction of lovingkindness. And you have it within you to bond – whether you’re seeking or offering, we all need each other. I keep saying it over and over. We’re better together than we are apart. Listen to someone who needs you. Be somebody’s ANYONE!

It begins with an act as simple as a smile and a prayers and grows from there. Love Him and love others. Prove His “Agape” love by offering it to others. I pray this be so, as we’re transmogrified into salt and light.

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