Nothing Else Matters…

James Hetfield, of Metallica, wrote “Nothing Else Matters” for the Black Album way back in 1990… I remember snagging it after a four-and-a-half-hour round-trip drive to the nearest big city when it came out. I had an expectation that I’d be listening to something along the lines of “…And Justice for All” but it wasn’t. My ears were ringing when I got home, but I hadn’t realized just how good the album was. Yet… It was better and more dynamic than previous works. It took some time to appreciate the album and the band’s growth, but it was worth the hours I spent playing that album over and over.

At the time it was widely rumored that Hetfield wrote the song about missing a girlfriend while on tour. I’ve read interviews since then that verified this. However, the interesting thing about music is the relationship and application of the audible conveyance for the listener. Just because Hetfield had the blues over longing to be home, doesn’t necessarily mean the listener will embrace this song as a homesick love song. In fact, in more recent interviews, I’ve read and heard James actually claim it has taken on a much bigger life with a potentially more profound impact.

So close, no matter how far – Couldn’t be much more from the heart – Forever trusting who we are – And nothing else matters

It doesn’t matter where we’re located, we have a longing. And we know that longing is real. Nobody will convince us otherwise.

Never opened myself this way – Life is ours, we live it our way – All these words, I don’t just say – And nothing else matters

There’s a humility associated with this relationship and our walk is not that of the ashamed. No, we’re proud to behave this way, despite others.

Trust I seek and I find in you – Every day for us something new – Open mind for a different view – And nothing else matters

The foundation for living is objective moral truth, which begins through trust and breeds more of the same. Especially when new things are encountered and different perspectives are considered, truth stemming from trust wins out.

Never cared for what they do – Never cared for what they know – But I know

The naysayers and the critics and cancel culture won’t persuade us away from the truth we know.

I never opened myself this way – Life is ours, we live it our way – All these words, I don’t just say – And nothing else matters

Metallica at the 34th annual Grammy Awards in 1992, where they won the award for best metal performance for their self-titled album.

For me, this song embodies the primary and most important relationship we’ll ever have, and the relationship described is unique to all the others, before, during, and after. There will be no apologies for this accord.

The lyrics above are what you’ll find and enjoy in this precious song. No, this song didn’t appear to have been written about a person’s relationship with Christ. At least that wasn’t how it started. But, whatever meaning it may have had with James in the beginning, even he realizes it is much bigger now. I think of my rapport with the Lord and my connection and longing for Him each time I listen. It might sound unorthodox to some of you, and that’s ok. But I’m tethered to the Almighty through many things, including songs, this being among the powerful ballads that I can’t deny.

What matters to you? If you’re a believer, is there anything that matters more than Him? There’s the Lord first, and nothing else matters. To live is Christ, to die is gain, right?

Be salt and light my brothers and sisters. I pray it.

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