Your sin is worse than mine. Let me prove it to you…

If your reaction to my blog subject line was “Finally, somebody gets me” then you’re set for disappointment.  There seems to be a steady stream of this kind of false thought running through the Christian circles, and others for that matter, and it is high time we tackled it.

After the Orlando Florida tragedy, I posted a shout out on my company’s facebook page.  Essentially I addressed the “LGBT” community at large and then included in the second sentence everyone else in America.  I was encouraging people to seek training for firearms, self defense, and general preparedness in response to the slaying.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

There were some that agreed with me in public and a handful in private.  Troubling though were the four messages I received telling me I was a hypocrite for supporting the Gay Agenda and one person went on to say ‘they deserved what they got’ in Orlando.

If I were more callus, I’d have simply said to myself “well, if that’s the way these folks feel, then I’m better off not having them for customers” but I wasn’t able to do so and simply drop it.  While I didn’t take the discussion public, I consulted with Pastor Steve about this.  I really had no doubt my outreach was correct, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something.  He confirmed my feelings which gave me comfort.

To convey to you what I was thinking at the time, it might get a bit muddy, so hold on…  Seriously people.  We’ve got a crazed gunman walking around picking people off one by one.  This club was a ‘gun free zone’ and apparently was very full and congested.  Can you imagine the confusion and chaos within that building?  Are you able for one second to grasp the magnitude of cowering in a corner or bathroom stall waiting for your turn to be executed?

Is there a compelling reason why these people’s rights are being curtailed?  Why are they void of the right to defend themselves?  And oh by the way, why does it matter whether they were gay or straight?  Are these lives worth any more or less than yours?  Mine?

Pastor Steve said to me, “The first thing that hit me was the high likelihood that so many of those people perished without knowing Jesus.”  That’s the correct response.  For the people among us that justify or contort this issue into being somewhat acceptable because some of the fallen were self identified as “gay” or otherwise is just plain stupid.  Does anyone really believe the few holding those silly views are free of sin?  Of course not.  Even they know they sin.  So apparently there is a sin ranking system I’m not aware of…  Wait a minute, that isn’t the case either.  This leaves us with what?

Sin is sin.  Period.  Yours is no better than mine.

Aren’t we supposed to reach out and spread the Gospel?  Doesn’t that include the lost, weary, and beautiful no matter what?  OK then.  Let’s stick to that and drop the silliness.  I can’t help but believe that the adage “you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar” applies now too.

When I show my caring and add a healthy dose of grace to those I don’t identify with, it actually shows the strength of Christ, and not me personally.  That’s the true message isn’t it?

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