My son’s 7th birthday and a slap in the face…

My little boy turned 7 this week. He’s such a fun-loving and cute kid that I can sometimes forget his ability to be a holy terror. Sometimes. HA! But, as you know, parents are among the few that see the best and worst their children have to offer. Still, my boy appears to have a very tender heart as violence and harsh tones put him far outside his comfort zone. He’s been quite an evolution since he was adopted as a baby. I sure do love him and my wife and I are thankful to the Lord for building our family through adoption.

This brings me to the small birthday gathering we held this weekend. There was a handful of family along with some of our church family around us in celebration. It was a nice little gathering and my son enjoyed it immensely. Upon ending the celebration, which was held in the church fellowship hall, my folks and my sister-in-law’s group went back to my house for a couple of hours of visiting before they made the trek home.

During the conversation, and I truly don’t remember how it came to pass, I specifically made the statement regarding my marriage, “When I said yes to my wife, I also said no 3 billion other women.” My mom scoffed and referred to my statement as heady and conceited. The context of the conversation surrounded marital commitment. What the hell, mom?

I was, have been, and continue to be really irked about her reaction to my clarifying statement on the grounds of marital commitment, contract, and covenant. Honestly, her guttural reaction made me really mad. But over the last hour or so as I ponder, it gives me pause. Mother dearest knows me well. Very well. Not necessarily better than anyone, but she’s logged a lot of hours observing me ranging from my best to worst. There are reasons she took my statement as one of boastful pride and one of arrogance. What kind of person do I represent to her that she would autonomously take my statement as self-righteousness rather than one of commitment?

I’ve been teaching Sunday School at church to the adult class. This has forced me, properly and necessarily I might add, to dig and delve into the Word like no time before in my life. I’m enjoying it. I’m sharing it. …And not only with my fellow congregants, but my family and friends and certainly with my children.

I think I’m “good” in God’s eyes at times. But I’m reminded again that I’m not.

Rather than being upset with my mom for thinking such a thing of me or my statement, I should instead be sorrowful for doing the series of things that paint me with a color that easily leads my mother to brush me the same. I owe her an apology, rather than my contempt. I owe God better service and more it, in lieu of pettiness.

I can’t help but wonder if God didn’t just knock me down a peg, and for good reason. Thank you Lord for the lesson. It hurt me, but will ultimately be catalyzed to serve you more appropriately. I believe I may be able to slowly alter mom’s reflection of me. I’ll sure be working on it…

Salt and light my friends… I pray I become it. As should you.

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