Did the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” stumble upon the greatest question of all time?

I dig the Indiana Jones movies.  Well…  Not the last one.  It was utterly terrible and stamped with a monster FAIL right in the title sequence…  That aside, my personal favorite is the Last Crusade.  I like the intertwined stories of the crusade and the black/white parallel with Hitler’s quest for the third reich.

As a result I find myself watching movies like this over and over.  I had always noticed the conviction in the Kazim character and how dedicated he was to protecting the Holy Grail.  But it wasn’t until recently, that it hit me just how profound his question to Indiana Jones was when he made it.

Do you remember the boat chase scene and they’re nearly chopped to bits by a running propellar that’s 10′ in diameter?  Kazim says, “My soul is prepared, How’s yours?”  Pretty powerful stuff.  As it should be.

My soul is prepared, How’s yours?

Then we they drop Kazim off at the boat dock and Indiana is wanting the trade of information they agreed to, Kazim says, “Ask yourself, why do you seek the Cup of Christ?  Is it for His glory, or for yours?”  Wow…  Think about that.  Remove or alter the first sentence in any way you like, and the second sentence is still true no matter what.


Is what you and I do, how we live, what we say, and how we worship for His glory, are ours?



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