50,000,000 babies killed since Roe vs Wade. Your reponse???

I make it no secret that if not for the gift of adoption my wife and I may not have had a family.  We simply couldn’t get and stay pregnant.  The eight year battle with infertility isn’t the reason I write today.  The fact that the birth parents of our children having chose life over death, is…

With the ‘anniversary’ of Roe v Wade, and for the record I really dislike calling it an ‘anniversary’ as if it were to be celebrated, I think giving some consideration for this genocide is appropriate.

I was seated in the front row of church.  As you know, that’s where I like to set now.  Pastor Steve was especially charged up and I could tell.  The kids were sick, so my wife had stayed home.  Joining me was a good friend and newcomer to the front row club.  He and I both enjoy Steve’s brand of service, and when it comes to really heavy subjects he always manages to deliver.  This Sunday was no different.  He tackled the biblical considerations as well as the scientific considerations for abortion, or otherwise known as the murdering of babies, to the congregation’s benefit.  He went onto add a third panel of the sermon which dealt with how we become involved and help change this genocidal sham too many consider acceptable.

The entire morning was powerful, but it started with a quick video which I wasn’t prepared for…  Somebody put together some audio for the purposes of cerebral illustration.  In this audio you hear a bb hit the inside of a tin can.  For every bb you hear hit the can, it represents 10,000 lives.  The comparisons were based on tragedies and war we were familiar with ranging from WWI to 911.  If you can begin this video, then close your eyes and listen to these bbs, draw the correlation between them all, and not cry, you’re far tougher than I…

I’ll leave you with this thought…  Now what are you prepared to do about it?

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