Miracle Defined…

According to Hoyle.

Have you ever considered the context of what it really means to experience or learn of a “Miracle according to Hoyle” in true application? We must first ask, “Who is Hoyle” do we not? Some would say that phrase originates from Sir Fred Hoyle, a rarely outspoken Yorkshireman who rejected Darwinism and looked to the stars as the explanation for the spark of how life began. I’m guessing that while Freddy garnered some fame he probably didn’t get invited to a lot of parties…

We’re referring to Edmond Hoyle, actually. Whew. I, like you, had a great sense of calm come over me when I realized the name I could associate with the clarity of miracle bona fides question, had finally been laid to rest. I’ve got a ‘suit guy’ and a ‘shoe guy’ and at long last I have a ‘miracle guy’ I can rely upon. What’s that? Not so fast you say?

Edmond Hoyle is best known for his opinion on card games. He played cards extensively, wrote and expounded on the rules of hundreds of games, and composed works on card game strategies to boot. He rose to become known as the final authority on any card game dispute. Do you recall that famous scene from “Pulp Fiction” where Jules and Vincent are discussing the miracle one of them admits to witnessing, and Hoyle is referenced? (It should be noted these few seconds are one of the few exchanges in the entire movie that isn’t profanity laden. It took my quite a bit of searching to even find such a thing, so some kudos from you on my diligence won’t go unnoticed):

So there you are. “According to Hoyle” is a really just a tip of the cap to a guy that knew the rules. …As they pertained to cards anyway. But was he an authority on miracles? Nope.

Which leads me to Who or Whom would be considered the authority on miracles? Would God be the alpha and omega on this? Yes. He is on everything. But how do you and I properly define a miracle? Don’t we need to know the criteria for a miracle so we can know whether it falls inside or out the boundaries?

I spoke with my pastor, Steve, about this and we bantered back and forth about the nature of what a miracle really is. When Mira became sick and was rushed to the hospital, her life experiences became a catalyst for the strengthening and cultivating of a much greater faith inside me. That impetus wasn’t relegated to just me. Her trials and tribulations brought a great many to a deeper faith and better appreciation of Him.

But was that a miracle? No. It wasn’t. We can better describe that as inspiration or better yet, grace.

Have I ever experienced a miracle? Not yet. Maybe someday. But I’ve read about many. When Vincent replies above to Jules about how a miracle is defined and he replies, “When, um … God makes the impossible possible,” I think that’s a really simple definition. If my car went careening off a cliff and suddenly stopped in mid air and was placed back onto the roadway as if the hand of God had done so, that qualifies as a miracle. To be zipping through the air headed straight down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and defy gravity with all the laws of physics only to be saved from certain doom and placed gently back on the highway would be God making the impossible possible. Agreed?

What about a young boy who hasn’t grown in years? As his parents watch all his classmates become taller their boy is stuck at his height. Tests show a pituitary gland out of whack, non-functioning, with a growth threatening the young lad’s optic nerve. How would you handle having your elementary aged son stopping his growth, then wrestle with the idea he may go blind soon, only to have modern medicine tell you this is inoperable? We all agree losing your son would be far worse than him being extremely tiny and blind, as if the complications would only stop there.

It really is a situation that makes you think.

Attempt, if you can, contending with all the worry and heartache that come with the knowledge your precious child can’t be aided by science. Then one day, a routine MRI reveals an ordinary pituitary, no optical nerve complications, and a completely routine bill of health. Doctors can’t explain it, but are eager to tell you to go live life and no follow up appointments are necessary! Does that qualify for a miracle? Yes, indeed it does.

I can’t express to you how joyed I was this morning to learn this from a friend. His boy, Drake, experienced God making the impossible possible. Should I declare that I loved God with all my heart and was so very pleased for this, it wouldn’t touch the emotion and joy. Not only did I thank the Lord for this in gratitude and admiration, I want to log this feeling in memory bank so I can recall it at will. Joy is to be embraced and shared. …And I am!

Romans 15:13 – Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee!!! Find a good spot my brother and sisters in Christ and CRANK THIS UP! I love you Lord! THANK YOU!

Be salt and seek light my friends. I can’t imagine not doing so…

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