It’s baby killing season again, WOO HOO!

Actually, that’s a silly blog title.  There is no season – Roe v. Wade says you can murder all year long.  No limits.  No fees.  No blackout dates.  It almost sounds like a commercial for a product or service doesn’t it?  Abortion is that easy to do and that accessible…

I live in Iowa.  15 babies are murdered each day in Iowa from legal abortion.  But, I’m told by folks that I’m being harsh or insensitive to the people who have suffered rape and/or incest.  Since that’s tossed around freely, and I’m certainly not one to giggle at something as horrible and depraved as rape, let’s tackle this once and for all.

Here’s the example we’re given.  A young woman is raped.  She’s forced against her will.  She’s experienced nearly the worst a fellow human being has to offer another.  And now we’re going to further her trauma by forcing her to birth a baby conceived in rape.  It sounds awful doesn’t it?  I’m not capable of imaging what rape must be like.  I wouldn’t make light of this in any fashion.  If you and I can agree that the rape of a person is just short of killing them, then that’s a start.  What’s worse than nearly killing them though?

Killing them is worse.  Since we’re not going to kill a woman who has been raped, why do we default to killing the innocent baby that is created?  Seriously guys.  Think about this.  We tie off the loose ends for a young woman who has been radically jolted to her core by not only making a ‘choice’ to murder available, but publicly funding establishments that encourage it?

So…  We have ourselves a big problem to wrestle.  If we want to make the statement that government shouldn’t be in our lives on this level, that’s a great thing to consider and debate.  I’m all for it.  But…  Today, they are.  We’ve screwed up and invited them in.  Same with marriage.  We went to government and asked they draw up a contract for us and put our union on record.  So now we’re busy trying to turn a blind eye to God’s law and remedy a soup sandwich through man’s law.  That dog won’t hunt my friends.  So let’s get back to reality.

What about another example.  I’m not to murder.  It’s not legal.  I go to prison or death for doing it.  I run down my ex-girlfriend who is pregnant with my car.  Double homicide.  Why? Because the baby is considered a person in the eyes of the law.  If I hadn’t run over my ex, and she’d turned the corner, walked into planned parenthood, and had an abortion, would that murder be legal?  Yup.  Not only legal, but you paid for it.

Listen.  It’s like this…  We all know abortion is wrong.  We all know folks who advocate for it are doing so for reasons that have nothing to do with the rights of women.  How do we know this?  If rights are important to the women having abortions and they certainly are by the way, where are the rights of the unborn baby girls considered?  They aren’t.

We know abortion is wrong.  We know it.

Instead what we have is, how the heck do we stop rape?  How do we deal with somebody who doesn’t want to be pregnant?  How do we put in place methods to truly help and heal a woman who has been taken from in ways we can never replenish?  How can I help someone who was broken by another?  I don’t know these answers.  I really don’t.  But I, certain as God is in every living thing around and through me, know that killing a baby is not the answer.  I know it.

Psalm 127:3 – Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.

Now Vice President, Mike Pence, is quoted as saying, “I want to live to see the day that we put the sanctity of life back at the center of American law, and we send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history, where it belongs.”


The fact that Roe v. Wade was based on a lie should tell us quite a bit.  Do a bit of googling on Norma McCorvey.  She now travels the world telling the truth about her story.  She invented the rape story Roe v. Wade was based on in order to make a stronger case for her abortion.  She asked her Doc to put her in touch with an adoptive lawyer, and that lawyer put her in contact with two pro-abort fledgling lawyers.  Norma signed onto the lawsuit in exchange for pizza and beer, she never testified or set one foot in the courtroom, and even later attempted to have the case vacated, reopened, or overturned.

A lie…  The whole thing…  Yet, we now have the word of man that says as of January 22nd, 1973, that murdering an unborn child is legal for any or no reason.  I’m sure glad we knew it was wrong until the 70s…  Do you know how many states had anti-abortion laws codified in law the day the Supreme Court of the United States provided it’s ruling?  46.  Forty six states had laws to stop abortion already.  Doesn’t that tell you we already knew it was wrong before 7 judges on a panel of 9 people told us otherwise?

Until we get the law changed or the Big Guy sorts it out for us we’ll just have to work on it ourselves.  Personally I think we should anyway.  We created this mess, so let’s figure it out.  I’m not sure what’ll happen in between, and we all know what the end result should be, so how and where do we start?  Let’s get back to being decent people to one another.  Let’s be caring whether we know somebody needs it or not.  We have to be good to one another even when we don’t know if we can.  That’s our mandate.  God commands us to love, so let’s get cracking.  Look closely at scripture, as there’s no asterisk provided.  You don’t get to pick and choose who you show love to either…

John 15:12 – This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

So it starts with us.  There are pregnancy centers, youth groups, churches, and all kinds of places you can lend a hand and learn more.  I really can’t imagine what it would be like to stand before the Lord as a self righteous nazi and make your case to Him.  I view the support of abortion as the same thing.  56,000,000 (at a minimum) murdered since 1973.  Like Mike Pence, I long for the day we look back on this ‘thing’ from our history with disdain and shame and rejoice that it ended.

…And for those of you curious???  Norma McCorvey never had an abortion.  She birthed her baby.  She now advocates as a Pro-Life committed woman and works towards ending abortion.

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