Afghanistan and our Christian Response…

It looks bad and frankly is probably worse than you’ll realize. Yes, I have strongly held political positions. But, I make every effort to park that and keep a biblical response to just about anything when I can. My ego, pride, and emotions can get in front of my better judgments, but I continually want to approach anything through the eyes of Faith.

I’ve got friends working right now on items I can’t openly blog about. Suffice to say some are still here in the US and others are elsewhere. You can probably imagine.

I’m gravely concerned about what I see. You better pray and pray hard. The cultural story Afghanistan inhabits is very dissimilar to ours. That alone makes it hard for most Americans to grasp. It often makes me thank the Lord so much for foreign missionaries. They do a tremendous kind of work and great risk, in environments that aren’t well suited for Christianity to take hold…

Please don’t be too quick to make brash blanket statements fueled by political slants. Instead, hold yourself and your comments to the high-level God expects.

Be salt and light my friends. In all situations and times.

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