Black Lives Matter

Every word you will ever utter in your time means something. Words, whether audibly spoken, chiseled on a rock, or gestured with sign language means something. All of them. So when we offer the mantra, “Black Lives Matter” there is meaning to those words.

“Black Lives Matter” – I know what each individual word means, so together they exclaim what? To take the mantra, “Black Lives Matter” as valid, we must concede it to be highly presuppositional.  The only way for those three perfectly grammatical words to hold meaning is to import the idea that black lives don’t matter as a current condition, or there is no reason for the three-word mantra.  That’s a false premise and everything stemming from it is the fruit of the poisonous tree. Why? Because every human life matters supremely.

The other assumption put forth with BLM is that the oppressor of human rights is the white person.  The only way for that to be universally true is for the white person to oppress all others.  I’m not hearing Latino Lives Matter, or Asian Lives Matter, as a subset or circle within American culture.  Why is that?  …Because those other two aren’t in the mess the ‘black community’ is…  And why is that?  There is a certain respect and expectation of responsibility sewn into the fabric of Asian culture.  There is a huge sense of family within the Latino community – they are also largely Christian.  Simply put, there are fathers in the homes and constant family influence in those circles.  Those influences shape the children, behavior, and outcomes of their lives.

George Floyd, an American, (notice, I didn’t relegate his existence to a color) suffered a grave injustice. That injustice demands thorough and swift retribution. If we really want to talk about fighting injustices, it starts in the home.  It begins with the nature of ethics and where ethics are derived.  Void a moral compass we wander into all kinds of problems and they are highlighted in times such as these.

When I see tremendous injustice in the world, I too am compelled to look at the immediate issue before me, but the truth is, you need to back up the bus to the life cycle of the influences upon a subject and dissect it from there.  There is no other way to offer significant and meaningful change. Any legislation, action, or policy is a band-aid laid over a patch of skin cancer.

George Floyd suffered. I have no idea what circumstances truly lead to the culmination of the day his life was ended. Everyone needs to avoid the things that caused his heart to stop beating. We must also separate, rightly, George Floyd’s death from the core problem we have to address. There is a reason communities within communities have a much tougher existence than others.

I’m telling you…  Faith, family, and community.  Those three things, when encouraged and allowed to flourish, will keep a culture ticking along and will be shown to provide an overall favorable existence when reflected in the history books.  The postmodern progressives have worked their butts off to systematically dismantle all three of those. ….And here we are.

Maybe we were supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves? Maybe we were supposed to love one spouse and honor our commitment to them? Maybe we were supposed to raise children up in the way they should go, so they’d not depart from it? Maybe we need to pick up the Good Book and apply it. We’re in this thing together, so starting from a point of segregation is the opposite of what should be considered and accomplished. If you want a catchy hashtag, how about dropping the incoherence of #blacklivesmatter and go with #glorifyGod, or #biblesmatter, or #faithfamilycommunity?

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